True Democratization of Peace Education through Global Connections



Academic Non Academic
In a Nut-Shell

Producing people with accredited academic paper qualification to find jobs in the industry or to upgrade their position in the current career.

Matching industry and institutional expectations

Accreditation of prior leanings and encapsulating of ground reality experiences through systemic validation of evidence for the people

who are already in the industry.

Provide educational support for persons with evidence and track-record of performance in their chosen field of expertise; to be shared with the society for the benefit of mankind.

Matching Life and Living Skills with non academic credentials upon reviewing each case  individually to tailor an exact program to handle the living dynamics.

In reality Producing paper qualified graduates.

Many graduates remain unemployed or employed in areas not relevant to their qualifications.

Those who could not enter traditional public or private institutions of higher learning soon becomes unemployed and burden to the government and society.
Producing graduates with FULL conceptual understanding of living dynamics in order to resolve precise situations in life that can prevent the students from taking the next step in the evolution of living.

Almost all of these persons are currently having career in their chosen industry, many had previously been denied opportunity to gain entry into traditional colleges and institutions of higher learning due to lack of qualifying high school credentials.

Our Graduates are enhanced with contemporary SKILLS and hence becomes knowledge workers and gain a niche to find full employment.

We provide educational opportunities or a Second Chance for unemployed & drop-outs, school leavers/ non graduates to re-enter an educational pathway to enhance knowledge, skills and self esteem to live life to the fullest across the dynamics.

Non Academic“Employability skill enhancement “ would be he extra niche required for graduates to
enter the job market and offer innovative solutions
to corporate challenges and issues.

Some entrepreneurs had produced more jobs for the society although they missed the opportunity to become graduates from traditional institutions of higher learning. These entrepreneurs would now down-load their world-wise wisdom to the new learners.
Target Group Immediate School Leavers Adults, school dropouts and the under privileged.
Age Group From 18 onwards. Age is not a barrier to
learning and earning a paper qualification.

“Everyone can now Study to    be a graduate”
Entry Requirements Basic Secondary Schools e.g.
Upper Secondary or High School Level.
Experience, competencies and Empirical evidence on practices supersedes academic requirements.

Basic ability to read and write.
Focus Knowledge, skills, competencies for new jobs.

Seeking new job opportunities.
Enhancing human capacity building towards the future. The professional intensive programs can dismantle any barriers that exist on the path of a career, profession or life.
Duration of Program 7 month – 7 years depending on
the level of program / course
Duration of practice in the particular field of study is included to enhance core competencies to manage and change the core conditions in the job and life.
Results Produce New Graduates beyond high school Prepare persons who did not have an opportunity to enter traditional colleges with high school educational credentials would now have an opportunity to pursue of learning and developing.

Complement graduates with "how to live well"  skills , unblock their potential to learning and gain new way of handling knowledge.
Modules Developed by the Academic Institutions Developed by the leaders in the practice and enhanced by the University
Methodology Classroom, lecture halls, project paper and dissertations on an identified and approved subject of studies Documenting past and encapsulating current practices in their existing profession with guidance from the University through seminars, workshops, project paper and dissertations on an identified and approved subject of studies towards better understanding on the world.
Pathways Process Map Process Map
Lecturers Mainly by fulltime lecturers
appointed by the institution.
Leaders in the practice are the experts. This will provide the depth and breadth related to the subject.

Experts , innovative and successful practitioners in the industry from around the globe are made available to the students by the university through global connections with affiliated institutions.

Industry experts and lecturers appointed by the university in honorary positions for related subjects.
The Promise Fulfilling Present Industry Needs Fulfilling Present & Future Needs.
Export non academic education to rest of the world.

Create income earning opportunities to nations and its people

Create solutions for social problems.

Helping nation to enhance self sustainability towards peace and harmony.

Turn every community into an island of peace & prosperity through economically sustainable enterprising communities.
The Future Text book based knowledge which is fast loosing momentum in the hot phased internet driven information age where new and extended knowledge in updated daily. Preservation of the Sacred Knowledge of great masters through the encapsulation of their wisdom which is later structured and cascaded to the present un-born generations.

Text books would be complementary learning tools for holistic non academic subjects.